Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Me and my pcos

I' am 26 years old , married for 6 months and a pcos warrior. Three years ago having a irregular period of twice a month, I went to an OB-gynecologist to determine what's causing this irregularities. Had a transvaginal ultrasound (tvu)and found out that I have a polycystic ovaries and even if the doctor was explaining to me what this is, I merely understanding a thing of what she is saying. All that I could think of is the word cyst? Am I going to die? Somehow the only thing that understood is my eggs doesn't mature correctly and instead of releasing the egg and start a period some of my egg just stick to the wall of my ovaries and that needs to be treated or induce for me to have a regular period. Just trying to pretend that I understand her (out of shyness to look dumb) I just ask what would be the best thing to do with this?She prescribed me with duphaston so that I will have a regular period and for 6 months I followed her advised. After I had finished my prescription she then told me to shift to a contraceptive pill to level up my hormones in which I only took for 2 months and stop, scared that it may cause my ovaries to burned out with this kind of medicine.

When I had stop the pill I begun yo bleed for almost 2 weeks so I went to another OB thinking that she could help me better and let me understand my situation much clearer (in which I did). She gave me Iberet for anti-anemic and hemostan to stop the bleeding. Took some laboratory in my blood(in which I forgot what was that called) and was told that I have a high androgen(male hormones) level and low progesterone(female hormones) that's why I wasn't able to ovulate regularly. This scared me thinking that I may not have any children, since I was young as far as I could remember there were times that I really thought what if I cant conceived?Would there be anyone who will love me and accept me? My BF then (now my hubby as well) was very supportive of my situation and both of us would like to have a baby that time. But because I was thinking of my family and wanted to be able to not let them down, we decided to wait for the right time when everything is legal already.

Anyways, back to my laboratory after my bleeding stop, my second OB again took a TVU to check what's happening inside me and was surprised that my pcos was gone and told me that it may have been the pill have melted my cyst and bleed together with my period. And I was so happy to know this. And go on with my life and having a peace of mind, I tried to leave it behind my past.

Two years after when everything seems to work out with me and my bf(hubby now) and preparing for our wedding, I seem to observed that some symptoms of my pcos has reoccurred. So, I went to my 3rd OB and was told that indeed it has reoccurred. This time after our wedding we decided that its really time to seek help.