Sunday, August 30, 2009


Thank you for the greetings neve and sorry for the late reply. Well what I did feel was on the first week I was bloated really bloated, nausea (super lol), sometimes I vomit or felt like vomiting and constipation. That was for about a week and half, then after that my body get used to it and I rarely have the same side effects though if I eat to much sweet I feel bloated.

Well, I check on the net also that metformin can be helpful in losing weight too coz being on the right weight can balance our hormones and some did get pregnant for just losing weight. I 'am not overweight though I feel I am hehe but I have a big tummy, I think all the glucose was stuck there and doesn't really spread equally to our body and become our energy but instead it becomes stored fats hehe. Most of the RE and OB here are recommending metformin as a first option on handling pcos and sometimes this helps us get pregnant. With me I am on the stage that my body is getting used to it as a did have a mid cycle bleeding, my RE said it was one of the sign that I'am responding to the medicine. Though I dont feel like I'm losing much weight(wish I would) though I think I lost 4 pounds but doesnt feel that I did.

My RE said I should take is for 3 mos and then if I wouldn't get pregnant she'll prescribe me with ovamit(clomid) with metformin. But on friday I'll go to her and asked if its possible that I would start it this september coz' of course I really want to have a baby. This november it's gonna be our 1st year anniversary as a married couple and I pray that by that time I'm already pregnant. There is a thread that I visit on pcos, women are discussing pcos and the medicines though it's in our language only. But I'll try to keep you posted on what's new with pcos and the medicines. I'm trying to research what's the english name for one of our plants here that some people say is a miracle plant its called MALUNGGAY its a green leafy vegetable and it really helps in like diabetes, regularization of blood, anemia and some said it did help them get pregnant. hehe I don't know if some Filipino stores have it there or maybe it has some english name I'll keep you inform.

Take care neve and GOd Bless

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My birthday Wish

Two days to go and it's my 27th birthday and all I can think and wish for is to be pregnant. I'm on my 18th tablet of metformin and after all those very hard side effects I have, I am thankful that somehow it has lessen everyday. I am happy and somewhat envious and sad my office mate is pregnant again. I have been trying not to think of the people whose pregnant around me so that somehow I wouldnt feel bad, but I guess my patience and self control is being tested. It's hard working in the hospital as well you will always see women who are pregnant and fight the feeling of depression that Iam not. I am praying harder and harder day by day that He will bless me with my own and Iam planning to go St. Claire Monestry on my birthday to pray there.I' am sad yet I am trying to be more optimistic.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


It's been a while since I posted here. I went to my OB for my check up again and she prescribed me to take metformin ( humamet) for 3 months once a day. She told me that we shouldn't rush things to get pregnant and it's better to take it step by step and hope that this low dosage of helping me ovulate will get me pregnant and will balance my hormones. After taking the medicine for 3 days I had a mid cycle bleeding on 8/10/09. Since I just had my period last 7/28/09 I asked Dra why this is happening. She told me that this is what they call a mid cycle bleeding and it meant that I'm responding to the medicine. I' am hoping that this is true and that somehow there will be good progress in my ovulation and soon conceive. It's my 27th bidrthday this coming 8/25/09 and I really pray that the best birthday gift i receive is to be pregnant. I'm trying my best not to be depress but be more optimistic. But there are times that I feel that I'm losing sense in my life and become envious of those who are pregnant, which basically most people in my work are.