Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I guess some may laugh on what I'm about to post here but I don't care 'coz I need to let this out.. I'm one day delayed wahhhhh as if this is good news or bad news I really don't know. I am trying not to hope that I am pregnant and I have this feeling that I am not. I am used to the fact that I do really have different cycles and being delayed is one thing that isn't unusual. Yet, I can't help to think if this could mean somthing positive because I am taking metformin. Though a while ago as I search for metformin and read that there are a higher percentage that there are really few woman who get pregnant on their first cycle of taking metformin. I am still praying everyday that HE will bless us soon with a baby but I could never deny that I am also being impatience. Sadness succombs me but I keep on being more optimistic and ignore or hid this feeling. There is something about me that I also Love that is I can Laugh on my Sadness and Frustrations. I mean I am trying to be brave enough to be more postive and still continue to live a happy life. People around me doesnt really know how I really feel about my sadness.

Me and Hubby doesn't frequently talk about what we really feel, instead we try to live life one day at a time and contiue to let HIM guide and do his will on time. But I also know that my hubby is longing to have a child and being brave enough to be strong when I feel so down. I'm on the night duty again and its hard to make an effort to make a baby when all the stress and pressure is around you. AGhhhhhhhhhhh..I dont know what to do anymore.!

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