Monday, September 14, 2009

Earlier today my hubby asked me if I already had my period and I said not yet and looking on his eyes I can see that he doesn't want to hope too much and would pretend to ask ah well ok maybe you should go back to the doctor and asked why. I know he did this to avoid me getting hurt or to make sure that I wont be offended. He is trying his best to patient and strong for both of us. Most of the times he is optimistic in consoling me when I am down but there are times when he let out his feeling that he really want to have a child. When our friends are asking us we would try to be strong in answering them that its ok we know it would come at the right time. Though deep inside I wanted to tell them I am frustrated and I am sad but I wont and I dont want them to see me sad. Everyday I amtrying to not think of the fact or avoid feeling down thinking of a child but working in a hospital it is really hard coz eveywhere I could see preganant woman and baby being born. What I really hate is when people keep asking even if they have asked too many times or they are just being cruel!Oh what a day today is our 10month anniversay as a married couple and 5 years of boyfriend/girlfriend and 1 yr and 10months of TTC (ouch)Happy anniversay Mahal ko thak you for the patience and the unconditional love you give me. Love you hubby ko.

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  1. thanks for the comment :) I am overweight! I weigh around 230, so about 100 lbs overweight. (per the standard guidelines) im so glad we can support each other. my email is on my profile so feel free to email me anytime.