Sunday, September 13, 2009

What Should I do?!!!

Today marks my 6th day of my delayed period and the only symptoms I have right now is I feel that my stomach contracts or harden inside whenever I sit especially if its really for a while. Should I be happy about this or should this be a bad concern?! I don't know what to do!! I want to take a PT but yet I highly doubt that I am pregnant! I don't want to be frustrated again. But I know I need to do this so that if its negative then I'll go to my OB and complain about this. And I know that If I go to my Ob she'll just prescribed me with provera to induce my period. Same things are being done over and over again and nothing happens. It is giving me false hopes. Damn! I am losing all my patience and my confidence. I am slowly breaking down!


  1. I never took a PT because so many factors could play into it being negative. So, I stuck it out. I was over 2 weeks late & on the day of my first Beta, I started. I will pray, pray, pray you get the BFP you are waiting for!!! Stay calm, take a nap. Go for a walk. Read a book...TRY to take your mind off of it. Believe me, I have been were you are. It STINKS!

  2. your welcome! im always here if you need to vent. cry. praise. do the happy dance! whatever....let me know!! ttys!! keep me posted!